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This is the debut album for Seattle's most promising new rock band - Seed. Featuring the one-and-only, Randy Loran on lead vocals. Randy is best known as the front man for The Infinity Project (Journey tribute), Elton Joel (Billy Joel/Elton John tribute) and Invisible Touch (Phil Collins/Genesis tribute). Former 93 Octane lead guitarist, Scott Nelson, began the project by writing the music and enlisting the incredible skills of session drummer Mike Kosacek, who is also a fantastic engineer and owner of DoubleDog recording studio in Austin, TX. Jeff Whitcher (keyboards) is an amazingly talented multi-instrumentalist who has made his career in the audio world - first as a sound effects designer and now music composer for film and TV. Matt Blair is a monster bass player who is currently with Petty Thief (Tom Petty tribute) and a couple of other projects, but Seed wouldn't be complete without him. Jeff Hall is the newest member and drummer for the live band. As a former member of 93 Octane and current drummer for Past Curfew, his incredible chops and groove made him an obvious choice.
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